09/27/2016 04:15 PM

Dress Rehearsal

I had a birthday on September 16th, which I neglected to mention because there was so much going on. Thank you to everyone who noticed anyway!

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09/23/2016 04:56 PM

NC500 by NC700: Sunday 11/09 - Monday 12/09

At some point on Saturday. Howard's bike had picked up a screw in the back tyre, and by Sunday lunchtime it was looking pretty deflated.

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09/23/2016 09:30 AM

NC500 by NC700: Saturday 10/09

Howard and I were heading for yet another night of free accommodation, this time with his brother in Leeds. With nearly 300 miles to cover, we nonetheless managed to fit in several stops for tourism.

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09/21/2016 04:46 PM

NC500 by NC700: Friday 09/09

We had reached the end of the official route. From here, most of the group would return to the Carlisle hotel where we'd spent our first night, while Howard and I headed for my auntie's near Stirling.

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09/20/2016 03:51 PM

NC500 by NC700: Thursday 08/09

Howard had been complaining all week about having to visit John O'Groats: apparently it was a bleak wasteland, and not even the most northerly point of mainland UK, because that's nearby Dunnet Head.

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