01/15/2018 03:51 PM

Happy New Year

So. Remember my new bike, that I got to replace my old bike that got stolen?

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12/06/2017 10:25 AM

Überlin 5: Monday 27/11

With Arakin off to work and a couple of hours to kill before I needed to be back at the airport, I set out into a sunny but eyewateringly cold morning to have a farewell coffee with my scooter forum friend.

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12/04/2017 04:55 PM

Überlin 4: Sunday 26/11

This morning I was going to participate in a fine Berlin tradition, at the suggestion of a friend from the Vespa forum: brunch!

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12/01/2017 04:44 PM

Überlin 3: Saturday 25/11

Today Arakin and I were going to the DDR Museum, the museum of everyday life in the former East Germany. We dashed through the rain to the tram stop then queued in the rain for the museum, which turned out to be well worth it.

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11/30/2017 04:01 PM

Überlin 2: Friday 24/11

Arakin went off to work, and I headed into town for a day of strolling and shopping. I spent a silly amount of time wandering the Alexanderplatz transport hub due to my inability to read the map properly and work out what kind of train I wanted, but this, too, was all part of the tourist experience.

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