01/24/2021 08:45 PM

Little Bookroom

To my great excitement, I worked out a way to fit yet another bookcase into my home. Then I had to wait several months for IKEA to admit they would deliver one to my postcode. It finally arrived this week and I spent a happy Saturday assembling it then arranging the contents.

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01/19/2021 08:30 AM

Just Like The Moonraker

Here's a project I started in the first lockdown and completed yesterday (working on it in meetings, mostly).

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01/19/2021 08:17 AM

Something Nice

I'm asking those who love the outdoors to post a picture on your page. A picture that YOU took. Just a pic. No description. The goal is to regain peace and harmony without negativity. Please copy the text, put a picture on YOUR page, and let's look at these beautiful pictures.

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01/10/2021 08:39 PM

My heart has joined the Thousand, for my friend stopped running today

Nick, a man with long ginger hair and beard, standing in a leather jacket in front of two 1940s warplanes.

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01/03/2021 10:11 AM

Get In The Sea

I've mentioned several times that open water swimming was a highlight of my 2020, and in the absence of my usual ways of releasing energy and tension, did a lot to keep me sane and cheerful.

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