09/20/2021 07:43 PM

It was my birthday on Thursday, and I took a couple of days off because why not? I had also been promised a very great treat on Friday if the weather was kind.

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09/13/2021 06:40 PM

The Dalek Factor

I have a BFI membership for two reasons. Firstly, to support the great work they do, and secondly because anything Dr Who-related sells out before tickets go on sale to the general public. (10% off drinks at the bar is nice, too.)

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09/06/2021 05:17 PM

A View To A Swim 5: Wednesday

All good things must come to an end, and it was time to plan a route back to the Eurotunnel. Well, after visiting the supermarché on the other side of the roundabout and buying so many French treats I had difficulty carrying my bag down to the bike.

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09/05/2021 07:13 PM

A View To A Swim 4: Tuesday

On Tuesday, I set off to do something I'd wanted to do ever since slemslempike posted about it years ago.

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09/04/2021 05:23 PM

A View To A Swim 3: Monday

Because swimming is a low impact sport, I slept well and woke up ready for a day out.

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