07/01/2024 06:31 PM

Small Bright Orange Pleasure Machine

I have made an addition to my stable:

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06/19/2024 10:53 AM

New York State of Mind 04/05: Going Home

Oscar's maple bacon was just as delicious as I'd hoped, and set us up for a morning at the farmers' market. There were apples, maple syrup, gin, a lovely husky cross to fuss and two women in a marquee performing The Boxer followed by Somethin' Stupid, which let me get rid of my change. I bought some cookies to sustain me through the long day of airporting ahead, then we had one last coffee in Pete's Diner.

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06/17/2024 09:45 PM

New York State of Mind 03/05: Lox of Bagels

I'd wanted to visit Lox of Bagels, a roadside bagel café, since I first spotted it, partly because I love bagels and partly because I also love a good/terrible pun. Plus, 'lox' is a great word and one we don't use over here.

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06/08/2024 08:36 AM

New York State of Mind 02/05: Beam Me Up

"Um, I'm not actually all that into Star Trek," I protested when Frieda proposed a trip to the Star Trek museum.

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06/03/2024 06:38 PM

New York State of Mind 01/05: Sunrise to Sunset

I was still waking up at jetlag o' clock, which suited my host's insomniac hours. Frieda made scrambled eggs for a very James Bond breakfast. Like Bond, I observed that Americans put milk in and that this is WEIRD.

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