My short stories have won two Ursa Major Awards, two Cóyotl Awards and a Leo Award. I was Guest of Honour at Fur the More 007: Furry Never Dies in March 2019.

I edited The Furry Megapack for Wildside Press.

I'm a member of the Furry Writers' Guild.

Longer works

Peace and Love
Novella. Uptight Roger Jones has no time for hippies, but when Roger he falls for the groovy Peace Man, he can no longer close his eyes to the revolution going on around him
A 20,000-word ebook containing 'Mirror, Signal, Manoeuvre' from Hot Dish #1, plus a bonus story featuring the same characters. Available from Amazon (US / UK) and Bad Dog Books.

Short stories

Fiction published in anthologies, newest at the top. Those marked with a * are free to read online.

The Mouse from Mykonos in In the Light of the Dawn
Greek New Comedy actor Akkis has romantic intentions towards his costar Leptos, but will life imitate art?
Worn-Out Tools in When the World Was Young
Bont the Stone Age rhino makes a trading visit to a hyena tribe and finds their progress is leaving him behind.
New Tricks in Pirating Pups: Salty Sea-Dogs and Barking Buccaneers
Can hunky husky Buck McLusky, the bravest and most gallant officer of the Dog Watch, track down the notorious Dog Rose and her gang of air pirates among the Galapawgos Islands?
Draught Horse in ROAR #11
Magnus moved to the city to work as a technical artist. Can he design something to help his ageing father back home operate the canal lock?
Nominated for the 2022 Ursa Major Award for Best Short Fiction
For I Shall Consider My Cat J/FRY in Felis Futura: An Anthology of Future Cats(reprinted in Best of British Science Fiction 2022 from NewCon Press)
A monk and his robot cat navigate a post-climate-change near-future.
Subniveal in Winter Wonders
Lem the lemming sets out to slay the Day-bringer so he can stay safe underground.
Case Study in C.A.T.S.: Cycling Across Time And Space
An intergalactic bicycle sales rep writes a memo about better ways to market to anthropomorphic cats.
The Clamshell Baby in Shark Week: An Ocean Anthology
A tough gang of squid-riding sea lions adopts a baby sea otter.
The Catch in Patterns in Frost: Stories from New Tibet
Catching a rare fish changes a sea otter's fortunes...for better, or worse?
Star of the Savannah in Reclamation Project - Year One
Chuck the rivergoing hyena unwillingly takes on a special cargo.
Once We Were Meerkats in ROAR #10
A colony of genetically engineered meerkats terraforming a desert planet face an unknown danger.
The Off Air Affair in The Jackal Who Came In from the Cold
Coyote Montgomery Luck and ferret Nikko Ilyushin, secret agents for U.N.C.I.A, battle the forces of Shrike.
The Lion of the Low Countries in Symbol of a Nation
Leo Belgicus, a lion made of maps, struggles to remain relevant in the modern era.
Winner of a 2017 Leo Award
Remembrance in Dogs of War II: Aftermath
In the trenches of the Western Front, a jackal soldier wonders just what it takes to be accepted by the Tommies.
Midway in Tales of the Sunrise Lands
A Zero pilot has to keep his true form hidden if he is to survive.
Little Sun in Werewolves Versus: Space
The Soviet space dog programme...with werewolves. Maybe.
The Theorist in Hot Dish 2 [adult, M/F & M/M]
A feline scientist has a controversial theory about the origin of species, and a domestic problem.
400 Rabbits in Gods with Fur (reprinted in The Cóyotl Awards Anthology)
The Centzon Totochtin are minor Aztec deities who preside over drunken parties. Eighty-Six-Rabbit dares to suggest that there might be more to life than that.
Winner of the 2016 Ursa Major Award for Best Short Fiction and the 2016 Cóyotl Award for Best Short Story
Ping-Pong Diplomacy in Claw the Way to Victory
It's 1971, and all Tux the cat wants to do on the US table tennis team's tour of China is play, not get caught up in East/West politics...
A Blacker Dog in Inhuman Acts
A world in which everyone is accompanied by their personal black dog from birth to death, but only one man can see them.
Gerbil 07 in ROAR #6
The tale of a genetically engineered surveillance animal who thinks she's James Bond.
The Analogue Cat in The Furry Future (reprinted in The Cóyotl Awards Anthology)
A genetically engineered Pet looking for a purpose in a digital world.
Winner of the 2015 Ursa Major Award for Best Short Fiction and the 2015 Cóyotl Award for Best Short Story
Jenny-Burnt-Tail in Trick or Treat 2: Historical Halloween
Captain ffox tells his men a ghost story from his cubhood, to distract them from the very real horrors of the Western Front.
Flight of the Fire Dragon in Pulp!
Nobody suspects that barnstorming duo Felicity Blake and Rooi Randall are actually secret agents who defend Britain from fiendish enemies.
Turn On, Tune In, Drop Out in Tales from the Guild #1
Square, uptight raccoon Roger Jones is introduced to the power of the protest movement by his groovy girlfriend, Peace Man.
The Painted and the Plain in ROAR #5
A young African wild dog returns from university in the city to find things in her village are different. Or is she the one who's changed?
Lines in Heat #11 [adult, F/F]
An out of work actress supplements her income and indulges her craving for an audience by running a sex chat line, posing as different species. Her polecat lover isn't too thrilled about it.
Cold Scent in Allasso #3*
Genetically engineered police dog Dutch, once the best nose on the force, loses his sense of smell, and with it his sense of identity.
Nominated for the 2014 Cóyotl Awards
Tour of Duty in Taboo [adult, M/F]
On active service in the desert, Major Flecker the lynx struggles to maintain military discipline when faced with the infuriating yet attractive genet Private Holz.
The Witch Doctor in Trick or Treat #1 [adult, M/F]
Shiba Inu single dad Marty is determined to give his son a Hallowe'en to remember. An accident during the preparations leads to a meeting with a collie doctor who encourages him back on to the dating scene.
Flight Path in Heat #10 [adult, M/F]
A condom emergency sends cat/wildcat couple Posy and Neil in search of an all-night chemist, where they get mixed up in a robbery attempt.
Mirror, Signal, Manoeuvre in Hot Dish #1 [adult, M/M, F/F]
When Max the wolf agrees to be a sperm donor for his best friend Jess, a clouded leopard, it affects not only his relationship with Jess and her partner Cate but his own blossoming romance with basset hound Simon.
Nominated for the 2013 Cóyotl Awards
Tiger Light in Allasso #2*
An afternoon's recreational drug-taking goes weird for Jed and his buddies as their animal selves start to emerge.
Bad Timing in Heat #9 [adult, M/F]
It's the wrong time of the month for puma Romy, and all she wants to do is crawl into bed with a hot water bottle. When her friend drags her out to party, she meets a lion named Drew who seems suspiciously keen on her.
Magnificent Dogs in ROAR #4
Aeronautical engineer Whipple, a black Labrador, resents the celebrity surrounding his dashing German Shepherd test pilot, but discovers fame can be a double-edged sword.



About me

I'm Alice Dryden, a.k.a. Huskyteer.

I like scooter adventures, First World War aeroplanes, Kenshukai karate, and spending time with huskies.